Digital Risk Assessment

Digital Risk Assessment™

Understand your digital risk

The Digital Risk Assessment (DRA) is a process developed to assist an organization ensure their digital activity and social media presence is in line with state and federal laws, as well as regulatory compliance guidelines. An Ernst & Young commissioned Forbes Insights Global Survey recently found that 96% of the respondents indicated their internal audit function has an important role to play in their overall risk management efforts. The DRA is one of the first services of its kind to utilize an audit-based approach to assessing your digital risk.

DRA Certified Professionals are the key to success

As part of the implementation of the DRA, a Certified Professional will be assigned as your primary point of contact for the entire process. They will work with you and your staff to collect the necessary documentation to ensure the process runs smoothly. While the assessment can be performed remotely, we've found it's best to have someone on-site during the process of data collection to ensure that all elements related to the assessment are fully discussed.
Certified Professionals
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