Digital Risk Assessment™

Do you have a good handle you your "digital risk" in your organization? You may think so, but why not be sure with our DRA process? We'll examine your policies, procedures, employee use of social media, HR practices and a variety other areas that could be leaving you, and your business, unknowingly exposed to risk.
What's Your Risk?

Social Media Bootcamp

With this full-day session, we'll give your social media plan a real "workout." We cover all the important elements to get you prepared to use social media effectively, while pointing out legal and regulatory pitfalls to avoid.
Build a Solid Foundation

Employee Social Advocacy Program

Either as a half-day or full-day workshop session, you'll learn how to empower your organization's most important asset, your employees, to become a powerful voice for the organization.
Empower Your Workforce

Digital Self Defense Program

What happens if your organization, or even you personally, become the target of an attack on your reputation? Do you have anything in place to protect yourself, or how you will respond, if it happens?
Protect and Respond

Social Strategy Workshop

You've got a Facebook page and reserved your Twitter handle, but now what? If your social efforts are lacking engagement (and results), we can analyze what you're doing now and where you may want to make some changes (and ensure your efforts are strategic in nature). 
Develop Your Strategy

Compliance, HR and Policy Review

Whether you have existing policies and processes in place that need a professional opinion, or know you need these (but don't know where to start). Let us help with your policy needs and ensure that you're saying the "right thing" and protected.
Be Compliant

Customized Training

Need a little bit of everything and not sure where to begin? That's ok because we're happy to work with you on the development of a custom training program for your digital efforts. We can continue to manage the training process or "train the trainer" and let you run with it when we're done.
Increase Your Knowledge

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